We are a golf retailer based in Northern Ireland. Our team has a genuine passion for all things golf, even when our scorecards may tell a different story.

Our ethos is about keeping everything simple, similar to learning and playing the game of golf.

You will find our products have been designed with the player at the forefront. Our design team are golfers so we know what a player needs to succeed and enjoy their golf.

Whilst we cannot promise lower scorecards, we can guarantee that you will have all you need to look great when you make that 1PUTT for birdie.

  • Simplicity

    We believe in keeping your shopping and order experience as easy and simple as possible.

    1PUTT, when 1 less is 1 more

  • Style

    Looking great on the course is arguably as important as the numbers on your scorecard.

    1PUTT, look smart play smart

  • Satisfaction

    Your time and happiness is important, which is why our team is fully involved from design to fulfilment.

    1 PUTT, when it matters